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Birth Doula Care

Birth doula care at Knoxville Birth & Baby is designed to embrace and encourage mothers as they navigate pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum period. Your doula will provide prenatal visits to get to know you and your desires for the birth experience, evidence-based information about pregnancy and birth, knowledge of comfort measures and positioning for labor, and compassionate support throughout your journey.

What will my birth doula do?
  • Offer knowledge and compassionate support during your pregnancy

  • Assist in discovering your preferences for birth and provide guidance in preparing for the birth that you want

  • Be a continuous presence and offer physical & emotional support during labor 

  • Help you to understand what is happening during labor and to communicate with the rest of your birth team

  • Provide immediate postpartum support and breastfeeding assistance, if desired

  • Share community resources that may be helpful to you in preparing for birth and parenthood

Doulas make birth better..

Studies have shown that women with doula support  

  • Have shorter labors

  • Are less likely to request pain medication or get an epidural

  • Reduce their risk for a Cesarean birth by 50%

  • Are more satisfied with their birth experience



Basic Birth Doula Support - $1800

  • Complimentary Consultation

  • 2 prenatal home visits

  • Unlimited support by phone, text, or email

  • Support during your labor and birth

  • Immediate postpartum support and breastfeeding assistance

  • Photographs of the first hour of your baby’s life

  • 1 postpartum home visit

Complete Childbirth Support  - $2000

Everything included in Basic Birth Doula Support


  • A customized postpartum plan and 2 postpartum doula shifts (8 hours)


A deposit of 50% is due at the time of signing the service agreement and will reserve your time on the doula's calendar.

The balance is due by your 36th week of pregnancy- flexible payment plans are available.

Bbay with a doula in Knoxville
Labor and birth with a doula
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