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Newborn Night Nanny

A new baby is a miracle. The early days with a newborn are a source of joy for families, as well as a time of overwhelming change. While you're getting to know your baby and learning to care for them, one of the first things to fall by the wayside is sleep. A newborn night nanny can help you meet your baby's needs while ensuring you get the rest you require to keep everyday life running smoothly.




Your Newborn Night Nanny will

  • Care for your baby while you sleep. Baby may be brought to mother for feeding if desired. 

  • Share infant soothing strategies and newborn care information

  • Help you establish healthy sleep habits for your family 

  • Do laundry, prepare bottles, wash pump parts, and help your household be organized for the next morning


 $35 / hour 




A booking fee of $100 + a deposit of 4 nights (32 hours) is due at the time of signing the service agreement and will reserve your time on our calendar.

Baby Siblings
Image by Ashley Walker
Image by zelle duda
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